History - Why We Differ

Why is Mammoth different?


Mammoth Sport Ltd is one of the UK’s leading authorities in biological performance and recovery. Mammoth’s product portfolio centres on new sleep technologies that enhance sleep, recovery and human performance via a unique bed and mattress range.

Mammoth Sport’s origins lie in the specialist field of the British medical devices industry. The experiences of Mammoth’s founder and Managing Director, John Tuton, involved the application of specialist equipment within critical healthcare settings, including orthopaedics, spinal injuries, burns and intensive care.

These environments combined the world’s best medical equipment to help keep alive and heal very poorly patients. In these settings, imbalances in body heat, sweat, hydration and circulation often meant the difference between life and death.


Developed by the British and U.S, it is the medical device innovations within these chronic health settings that Mammoth Sport Ltd has taken to another level via its modern V-Max mattress technology structure. Mammoth now lead the way ensuring new mattress technologies are available and affordable to the wider health conscious public for the first time.

Mammoth wants its customers to be able to perform at their optimum every day, whatever their endeavours. Therefore, the new Mammoth V-Max mattress technologies are designed to;

I. help relieve back pain and aches,

II. help ensure an undisturbed, deep sleep, every night,

III. and offer the ultimate in comfort through legitimate anatomical support.

How it all started:

Following a serious rugby injury to his rib cage in 2004, Mammoths creator, and keen sports enthusiast, John Tuton, could not get the pain relief, support and sleep he needed through his recovery from a traditional pocket sprung mattress. Due to the excessive heat build up from the ‘temperature sensitive’ nature of memory foam, he even found that the leading memory foam mattress was not up to the job either.

John therefore used his experience in the specialist medical equipment arena to develop a mattress like no other.

From the specialist treatment environments, John used innovative high-specification materials that had been tested and endorsed by the British public healthcare authority, (The Department of Health), to design a mattress that offered genuine support and comfort so he could enjoy pain free, restorative, and undisturbed sleep, to help him get back on his feet. Ensuring optimum postural support and pressure relief, whilst avoiding excessive heat and sweating were therefore the key criteria within the products’ development.

The resulting end product has ensured Mammoth Sport Ltd now enjoys affiliations with other leading health, educational and sporting authorities that include the University of Northumbria Sleep Science Centre, The Newcastle University school of Bio-Sciences, the British Athletes Association, the English and Irish Rugby Players Associations and the UK Chiropractic Patients Association to name a few.

Combined with clinical research on its raw materials by the British Department of Heath, Mammoth Sport Ltd really stands out against what the rest of the world has to offer within mattress technologies.

Customer Service

From his medical background, John Tuton has seen how poor service and delivery within acute hospital settings can have a detrimental effect on human life. Although Mammoth’s customers may not be quite in this predicament, Mammoth’s corporate blueprint drives an ethos where its customers can engage with the company in a friendly, reliably and prompt manner. Mammoth wants its customers to be in the best of health at all times, so stress minimisation via an available 7 day a week customer service set up is a key focus for Mammoth. The team pride themselves in always being available at the end of the phone, not just an email or behind a web page.

The company’s aim is to now help other people benefit from the quality of sleep and comfort experienced by John both now (still on the original prototype) and in the early days of his rehabilitation in the winter of 2004 – an aim that has driven, and will continue to drive, the company into the future.


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