At Mammoth we focus on all the elements of the body and mind so you can function and perform at your optimum. No longer will you wake up overly dehydrated; no longer will you be tired from tossing and turning all night; and no longer will you have insufferable back pain in the morning. Ask our customers if you donít believe us!
Anti-dry Skin - Platinum Standard

As many as 1 in 5 of us suffer from skin allergies like eczema, and nearly all of us at some point suffer from dry skin - a starting point for problematic fungal rashes. These problems often occur through the night due to sweating. Reaction to the salts in your sweat not only dries you skin, but in many cases is a catalyst for eczema and fungal infections.

The cross polymer construction of the 2D Hydraflex stretch velour draws sweat away from your skin, releasing it into the atmosphere. A state of the art solution for sufferers for such conditions.

Improved circulation - Platinum Standard

Poor circulation at night occurs through the soft tissues through the combined build up of, pressure from your body weight, secondly, unequal support along your body's profile, and thirdly, counter pressure from the external contact surface (a sprung mattress for example).

Thanks to the zoned V-Cut Castellations applied to Mammoth's High-Specification foam formula, your body is equally supported from head to toe, relieving pressure firstly off the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, etc) and secondly off the spine. Blood cells and growth hormones are unrestricted, able to circulate freely to help cell regeneration and repair in the soft tissues and neurological systems.

Growth Hormone release - Platinum Standard

An average number of sleep cycles falls between 3 and 5 which last around an hour and a half per cycle. By sleeping undisturbed on a Mammoth, you are liberated go enjoy more sleep cycles through the night.

The body is able to reach that magical deep sleep stage (stages 3 & 4 of the sleep cycle) more often where your growth hormones are catapulted in the blood stream to dutifully go and heal your neurological, muscular & skeletal systems. This means better recovery, and yes, ensures a better performance for you the next day.

Improved decision making - Platinum Standard

Just 17 hours of sustained wakefulness has proved to inhibit cognitive performance to the levels of a having 2 glasses of wine. Indeed, 200 injuries & fatalities a week on British roads are attributed to sleep depravation.

A sleepless night hugely inhibits your ability to make the best decisions quickly and decisively. To keep you performing at your best, an investment into a Mammoth mattress may make all the difference to your decision making either at home, work or within your sport

Faster reflexes and reaction times - Platinum Standard

Closely linked to improved decision making, the more active and awake your brain is, the more focused you can be ensuring you can react and reflex quicker to external stimulus.

The deep sleep enjoyed on a Mammoth can help reflexes and reaction times, whether this is this is the start of a sprint race, driving a car or handling your children, you are better protected to avoid accidents or avoid being beaten.

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